Network Routing Issue - London


Oct 31, 18:52 UTC
Monitoring - The ISP has confirmed they've resolved the issue within their network and we have not received additional reports regarding connection issues since the change was made. We will continue to monitor the situation for additional issues. If you continue to experience problems, please open a Support ticket for assistance.

Oct 31, 15:16 UTC
Update - UPDATE - We've identified that this network routing issue impacts connections through one ISP's network and have reached out to them to work towards a resolution.

This is an issue that lies outside of our network and we're awaiting their response. In the meantime it is recommended that you reach out to your local ISP if you are experiencing issues reaching services hosted in our London data center.

Oct 31, 12:19 UTC
Identified - Our team has identified network routing issues linked to ISPs outside of our peering network. During this time customers may experience timeouts and connectivity issues to services in our London data center.

While we are working to address this matter, we suggest reaching out to your local ISP to inform them of any connectivity issues.

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