Maintenance for LISH


THIS IS A SCHEDULED EVENT Feb 22, 14:00 - 16:00 UTC

Jan 12, 20:56 UTC
Scheduled - We will be performing maintenance on LISH Service limited to LISH SSH (not Weblish or Glish), starting at 14:00 UTC on Feb 22nd, expected to last two hours (until 16:00 UTC, Feb 22nd). Most LISH SSH connections continuously in operation over 14 days at the time of this maintenance window will be closed, in order to improve the service. LISH SSH connections opened within 14 days will not be affected. Weblish and Glish connections will not be affected. Any user with an affected LISH SSH connection may immediately reconnect. This necessary reconnection for some users is expected to be the only effect of this maintenance window.

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