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    Admin/Mod Test Post for Moderation

    Confirmed, works. ✅
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    Admin/Mod Test Post for Moderation

    This thread/post should bypass moderation requirements set on this forum.
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    ENF.JP Build Type / Change Log

    1/10/2023: Operating on PHP 8.1.14 [Experimental for XF 2.2.x]
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    Test 1 Test 1

    Test 2
  5. ENF

    Test Res

    Only A test
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    ENF.JP Build Type / Change Log

    Future Tasks: Configure Cache & email handlers Install additional add-ons (need to add additional licenses first) Style updates; just something to add some flavor Will add random content as things come up; low energy site
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    Content Test Thread - DE/DC

    Placeholder Text for DC Forum
  8. ENF

    Content Test Thread - DE/DB

    Placeholder Text for DB Forum
  9. ENF

    Content Test Thread - DE/DA

    Placeholder Text for DA Forum
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    ENF.JP Build Type / Change Log

    ENF.JP Hosted by: Linode (Tokyo) - Dedicated 8GB 4CPU, 320GB Storage & 5TB Transfer (~$60 USD/Month) XenForo: 2.2.9 (RM, MG & ES Installed) Base OS: CentOs 7 PHP Branch: 8.0.x MariaDB: 10.3.xx NGINX: 1.26.1 ElasticSearch: 7.xx Branch Cache: Currently Not Configured Management: Centminmod...
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    Add-Ons: April 15, 2022

    Installed Add-Ons as of April 15, 2022
  12. Food


    Demonstration gallery of pictures containing food.
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